Client Testimonials

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    Page is a phenomenal being. She dedicates her whole self to your Akashic Record reading and offers space for you to return with questions and ask for updates. Her thoughtful practice leaves you ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey/shadow work/etc. I could not recommend her enough!
    I Could Not Recommend Page Enough!
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    I met Page randomly, at an event I found by accident, at a moment in my life when I was in a downward spiral about situations I had no control over. The timing was magical and when she gave me a more in depth reading a few days later, she helped give me clarity and peace of mind. Her energy is soothing and healing, I left with a peace, joy, tranquility and understanding that I had not felt in weeks.
    Clarity & Peace of Mind
    Suzanne Amelung
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    Meeting with Page was quite honestly the most healing experience Iโ€™ve had in some time. Her energy is beautiful, clear, and instantly puts you at ease.

    My Akashic reading was extremely illuminating and timely, as Iโ€™m currently at a crossroads in my life. Page helped me navigate some of the choppy waters to reveal layers of my Soulโ€™s Purpose and unpack a few clues to the next chapter of my life.

    Through the reading & her restorative spirit, Page left me feeling more enlightened and at peace with my path.

    Since our session, its paved the way for a lot of downloads to come through, and it gave me the grace to take a step forward on my own to find my tribe, which I get closer to every day.

    Healing & Illuminating Experience
    Krysta Beth Heidman
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    I felt like it was a life changing reading for me, Lisa W. Iโ€™m so happy to be helping [another soul] move on. I also felt hopeful or validated in the fact that when it comes to romantic relationships.. I choose myselfโ€ฆ I am no longer waiting to be chosen by unavailable men. I went into the reading slightly wounded and came out light as a feather and almost Giddy!! Thank you so much Page for all your assistance I so did appreciate it. You are my heroine ?
    Life-Changing Reading!
    Lisa Wilcocks